Create a Lasting First Impression With Euro Containers

Create a Lasting First Impression With Euro Containers

Create a Lasting First Impression With Euro Containers

Protective Packaging – Worth The Investment?

When designing and manufacturing products, whether you are a big or small company, you may not have put a huge amount of thought into your packaging. Although packaging may not be high on your list of priorities it is the first thing your client will notice, whether you sell B2B or B2C. Well designed, quality packaging lets your client know that you have taken pride in how it is presented to them. You could have a high end, expensive and well-manufactured product but if you haven’t used protective packaging like euro boxes to deliver it then immediately the customer has a bad first impression.

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Euro boxes are made from plastic which makes them extremely durable. There is nothing more disappointing than waiting for a delivery to arrive, once it finally comes you are eager to open it and enjoy your new goods only to open the package and realise the goods are broken or damaged. As a company you have put time and care into producing something of a high standard but due to the delivery or shipping process, it has become damaged. Although there may be higher costs involved in using protective packaging it is worth the investment on two levels: it protects you against a higher number of returns and wastage, it also protects your reputation in the customer’s mind. Make sure you are using something that is built to last like a euro container.

Cushion Packaging Vs Packing Peanuts

Cushion packing is the most reliable way to ensure products are protected during transit. New inflatable cushion packaging is lightweight and the perfect replacement for previous bulky or messy materials. Inflatable cushion packaging can often be up to 30% lighter than other packaging materials and is easily stored before it is inflated, making it far easieprotective packaging r to organise and keep out of sight before use. This can be used to fill euro containers.

Packing peanuts are slightly outdated now, however, are still widely used in protective packaging. These peanut shaped foams are used as a filler to create a protective coating for any fragile items by filling in any excess space available within the packaging to stop the item moving around too much. The downside to packing peanuts is that they take up a lot of space when they are not in use, they are also less effective in stopping the movement of goods in transit compared to other types of protective packaging.


Get Your Brand Known

If you are currently thinking about using protective packaging why not have your brand design or logo imprinted onto the packaging? In featuring your brand name onto your high quality packaging you protective packagingare resonating in the customer’s mind after they have received the delivery. This is especially useful if you are utilising high-quality protective packaging which has delivered your goods safely and fault free. One company which provides product handling solutions is Exporta Global. Exporta is a well-known Euro container seller and supplies euro boxes to hundreds of companies around the UK.