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Logo printed blinds are an excellent way in which your business can raise brand awareness. Logo printed blinds can transform an office or workplace to show the branding of the company on the exterior. This can raise brand awareness as well as make the workplace look more professional and eye catching.  Often companies fail to advertise themselves adequately and passers by may not be even aware of their office as they pass it.

Logo Printed Blinds

Traditional Marketing Methods

When it comes to marketing many businesses choose to opt for a more traditional style of marketing.  An example of this would be local newspaper advert. Through this form of marketing businesses may choose to market a product or source staff. This is effective to some degree. However newspapers have a significantly smaller audience then they did prior to the introduction of the smart phone. Furthermore this will come at a small cost to the business whereas if they advertised through their social media channels it is unlikely they would incur a cost unless they used features such as facebook business to try and raise their profile. Another form of more traditional marketing would be event marketing in public. This can have a negative effect on a business if it is conducted incorrectly or poorly. Some businesses will opt for a more aggressive sales approach by having employees approach people in the street to try and market and sell their products or services. This is often perceived as being intrusive and unprofessional by both the public and business professionals alike. This contrasts with using logo printed blinds as they are a more passive method of advertising whereas this is form of advertising is much more active and targeted towards people.

Logo Printed Blinds

Online Marketing Methods

In addition to traditional marketing methods the growth of online business has greatly driven many businesses to consider more online marketing methods. Online marketing methods can cover a number of different methods and techniques. One of the main forms of online marketing is known as SEO. This stands for search engine optimisation. SEO is a technique employed by businesses in order to raise their online rankings in the google search results. In addition to this elements of web design as well as digital marketing are likely to be incorporated into their site and online profile so that they can target a wider audience and gain more sales. SEO is a vital skill within the current business climate as so many other businesses are competing online. Having effective SEO can result in significantly more leads and sales for the business. Logo printed blinds could actually be incorporated into the business online so that they appear in online search results as well as on their website in order to promote the business.

Logo Printed Blinds


Overall it can be concluded that logo printed blinds in addition to strengthened online presence thanks to SEO can have a significant effect on a businesses success and overall popularity. It is highly advisable for a business to explore both of these methods of advertising in order to the rapidly changing world we live in.

Please, Mr. Postman – Importance of Reliable Delivery & Returns

When looking at the process a customer goes through to make a purchase; need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post purchase – delivery or returns is the last stage in this process. Although it is the final stage it is arguably the most important. If a customer has a negative experience when having goods delivered it can result in a refund request and a shift in their custom to a competitor.


Warehouse Steps and How They Can Come in Handy in a Warehouse

For many businesses who own warehouses, it can be difficult when trying to find the best solutions for improving your processes or accessibility. There are many different machines and tactics you can implement, but one of the most effective, tangible things you can introduce is a set of warehouse steps. Warehouse steps which are portable and customisable can completely change the dynamic within a warehouse and make it easier to both do your work and get around the room.

Read on to find out more about the functionality of the ever-popular warehouse steps.


Structural Repairs | Signs That Your Property is in Need of Structural Repair

Structural damage to properties is not unheard of, it actually occurs more often than you might think. Sometimes structural damage can be obvious and sometimes it’s not even noticeable at first glance. Here are some of the early warning signs that may be telling you that your property is in need of structural repairs.

structural repairs


Technology | The Five Best Apps For Your iPhone 2018

Everyone will have the same core apps on their phone, from Facebook and Twitter to the Weather App and the trusty Calculator, but what are some of the big apps for your iPhone this year? From dating to meditation to booking your nights out, we are going to look at five of the best apps for your iPhone that are free to you and may just change the way you do things.


What is the Renewable Heat Incentive Scotland

As the demand for renewable energy increases the older heating methods begin to lose their appeal. The Renewable Heat Incentive Scotland is a way for the government to try and influence both the public and industries to move away from energy eating heating sources so that they can meet renewable targets. The Renewable Heat Incentive Scotland (RHI)  is being pushed by companies such as Heat Pumps Scotland. Here’s why you should invest in RHI.


Why Every Business Needs Property Insurance

No matter how much or how well we plan, there are always going to be unfortunate events that can catch us unexpectedly. From slipping on a wet floor to accidentally deleting vital files, life is full of unexpected events. We can never be ready for them, but it is vital that we are prepared.  Both our private life’s and personal life’s unexpected events are going to happen. Having flexible property insurance policy will ensure that you are fully protected. Whether you have a bar or an office building, there is always an insurance option for you.