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What is the Renewable Heat Incentive Scotland

As the demand for renewable energy increases the older heating methods begin to lose their appeal. The Renewable Heat Incentive Scotland is a way for the government to try and influence both the public and industries to move away from energy eating heating sources so that they can meet renewable targets. The Renewable Heat Incentive Scotland (RHI)  is being pushed by companies such as Heat Pumps Scotland. Here’s why you should invest in RHI.


Please, Mr. Postman – Importance of Reliable Delivery & Returns

When looking at the process a customer goes through to make a purchase; need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post purchase – delivery or returns is the last stage in this process. Although it is the final stage it is arguably the most important. If a customer has a negative experience when having goods delivered it can result in a refund request and a shift in their custom to a competitor.


Create a Lasting First Impression With Euro Containers

Protective Packaging – Worth The Investment?

When designing and manufacturing products, whether you are a big or small company, you may not have put a huge amount of thought into your packaging. Although packaging may not be high on your list of priorities it is the first thing your client will notice, whether you sell B2B or B2C. Well designed, quality packaging lets your client know that you have taken pride in how it is presented to them. You could have a high end, expensive and well-manufactured product but if you haven’t used protective packaging like euro boxes to deliver it then immediately the customer has a bad first impression.


Why Every Business Needs Property Insurance

No matter how much or how well we plan, there are always going to be unfortunate events that can catch us unexpectedly. From slipping on a wet floor to accidentally deleting vital files, life is full of unexpected events. We can never be ready for them, but it is vital that we are prepared.  Both our private life’s and personal life’s unexpected events are going to happen. Having flexible property insurance policy will ensure that you are fully protected. Whether you have a bar or an office building, there is always an insurance option for you.