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Logo Designers UK has face a number of challenges in their profession with everything from global recession to competition on third party sits and freelancers all fighting for position within the market. One of the reasons that the logo design industry is becoming so competitive is because it is becoming increasingly easy to find software for even someone with little experience that can assist with logo design. In this article we will go over the different challenges face by Logo designers

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Communication when it comes to business is absolutely crucial in any sector that there are good communication skills within the organisation that can be channelled to ensure that the business runs successfully. When it comes to sourcing logo designers UK often a business may not be able to fully communicate what they properly and as a result may nor be happy with the design overall.

logo designers UK

This could lead to the business using another logo designer or changing what they want for the design altogether. Often logo designers face this challenge. In order to resolve this sometimes it is best for logo designers to meet in person with their clients in order to go over what they would like created. This can help to create a better picture overall for the business and logo designer alike.

The Jobs Market

Another major challenge facing logo designers based in the UK is the jobs market for logo designers. Currently due to a number of factors such as global recession , Brexit and low wages the jobs market for logo designers UK is extremely competitive and as a result tickets are fairly scarce. Due to this many logo designers choose to go freelance and sell their designs or ideas on websites such as fiverr. This unfortunately has a knock on effect on those looking for work as it means businesses are more likely to use a logo designer from fiverr thus reducing the jobs available for logo designers actively looking for work with a large or medium sized organisation.

logo designers UK

How Can A logo Designer Succeed In The Current Business Climate

There are many ways  in which a logo designer could succeed in the current business climate.  One way in which they can boost their chances of being recruited is to redesign their CV. Often CVs are seen as generic and boring. However colour and dynamic spacing/design could be added to help their CV stand out from the crowd.  Another way in which a logo designer could improve their chances of getting hired is by featuring work on social media channels.

Featuring draft designs as well as completed work on social media channels can help to draw attention to their work and gain interest from businesses. Overall in order for a logo designer to be successful in the current business environment it is important that they gain some experience whether through voluntary work or an internship. Furthermore active social media channels as well as well presented work portfolio all contribute to a professional image which could make the difference between getting hired or not.

When it comes to doing business in the present day , there are very few businesses that can survive without having some form of online presence to represent their business. Many new businesses actually often underestimate the costs and time required in setting up a website.  In This article we will look at the importance of a strong online presence and what may be involved in maintaining it.

Setting Up A Website

Setting up a website is one of the first and most basic steps someone can take when looking to start up their own business. Whilst the process of finding a website builder can be simple the content and design stage of the website is a bit more complex. When it comes to costing the website , hiring a web designer can be expensive but is worth the increased cost if the website is for a larger organisation or for an important long term website. However if cost is an issue websites can be built using website building software online for significantly cheaper , but this may compromise on quality depending on your website building expertise.

As well as setting up a website there is also the need to establish online hosting for the website. Web hosting can come in many different forms. Thankfully the majority of web hosting available online is fairly affordable and well run. Web hosting can vary in size and servers depending on what you need to use it for.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

SEO is a significant part of any businesses online journey. However many fail to realise the benefits of using SEO and putting it into practice in order to raise the profile of their businesses . In order to conduct SEO there are a number of different routes an organisation can take. One of the main actions that they can take is researching SEO. Researching SEO means that the business can be better equipped to optimise their site as well as notice issues before they get serious. One of the great things about SEO is that there is a large amount of free information online about SEO and its benefits.

SEO can be implemented in a number of different ways. One of the most effective ways to do this would be to use the help of SEO specialist agencies. One of the main advantages of using this method is results are likely to be seen in shorter time periods and also the SEO agency can likely provide advice on how to improve SEO moving forward. SEO is so important because it directly influences how high your business may appear in the google search engine results. If your website is not optimised then it may not appear in the first page of search results. This could put it a significant disadvantage.


To conclude there is a lot that can be done to optimise a businesses online presence. Some of the first and most important steps are to create the website and attain hosting. From that point onward it is important that businesses take them to ensure that their business is fully optimised for search results so they can receive the maximum amount of traffic possible.

A Guide To Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation services are services which are provided niche businesses that can generate contacts aka leads. There are a number of different way in which leads can be generated and in this guide we will cover exactly what lead generation is as well as the different factors that contribute to it overall.


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How Do Lead Generation Services Affect Business

Lead generation services can have a number of different effects on business. One of the main reasons why lead generation services are valued so much by businesses is because leads are essentially someone who has expressed an interest in a businesses products or services or may potentially have an interest in working with the business. Lead generation services can affect businesses in positive and negative ways depending on the way they conduct lead generation.

One of the most notorious forms of lead generation which often gets bad press is unsolicited cold calling. Cold calling in itself is called cold calling because there is no pretext and it is unsolicited contact with people trying to either sell them a product or to make them contact a business. This can have a negative impact for whoever conducts the campaign as many people find this form of communication intrusive , irritating and rude. On the other hand highly successful lead generation campaigns can be conducted providing that they have been conducted with prior research and forethought.

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What Do Lead Generation Services Provide?

Lead generation services can provide a variety of different types of leads and data to businesses that they can then use to pursue leads. Lead generation can be conducted in a variety of different formats. One of the most popular forms of lead generation is digital marketing. Digital marketing can be conducted in a number of different ways but one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing is known as SEO. SEO is what affects how high a business may appear online in the search rankings and the amount of traffic that they are likely to receive.

One of the main reasons why SEO is so important when it comes to lead generation is that without effective SEO the business may struggle to find leads even with the help of a lead generation company. One of the most crucial factors that determines whether a company has good SEO levels is their ranking on google. If their page ranks anywhere after the 1st page of results then it needs SEO work done to improve it and make it appear on the first page of search results.

lead generation services

What Is The Most Effective Way To Conduct Lead Generation?

Unfortunately there isn’t really a magic formula that dictates the proven best way to conduct lead generation. This is because lead generation takes account of different factors and each company that conducts lead generation is likely to have varying budgets as well as campaign targets. When it comes to the lead generation itself , ultimately a variety of different strategies is likely the most effective option until one appears to be more successful for the business than others.

What inspired you to write your latest book?

My inspiration while writing The Owl Keeper (Delacorte Press/Random House) can be traced to all the futuristic, post-apocalyptic novels I’d read over the years, ones like On the Beach, The Chrysalids, 1984, The Drowned World, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Children of Men. And I remember Stephen King reading out loud from The Stand in a class he taught at the University of Maine. Recently, it struck me that my protagonist Max’s journey north to the Frozen Zone mirrors the flight of Victor Frankenstein and his monster to the Arctic Circle. I loved the book Frankenstein—and the Boris Karloff film, too.

I started writing The Owl Keeper in late 2001, after the events of September 11th. Not surprisingly, the bleakness of that time found its way into the book, which is set in a grim and hopeless future. The idea for the story began with a mysterious image of a boy standing beneath a tree in a dark forest, looking up at an owl. I kept thinking about him and wondering what he was doing there.

Other influences came from unexpected places. The oppressive government in the book, the High Echelon, is based on my experience living in Spain under the dictator Francisco Franco—while there, I always had a sense of being watched. Max’s aversion to sunlight was the result of reading an article about certain children who are unable to tolerate ultraviolet light. Also I saw a strange Gothic film called The Others, about two siblings who are fatally allergic to sunlight, which stayed with me long afterwards.

How do you keep from getting distracted when you’re writing?

Good question! Most days I’m up early—the best time of the day for writing. I check my emails first thing and try to restrict Internet browsing for the rest of the morning. Fortunately, I live near the ocean’s edge, where the loudest sounds are seabirds, so most days it’s quiet here.

When my writing is going well, or if I’m working on revisions, I’m able to focus for long periods of time. When I get stuck, I try to keep writing, maybe on a different piece of work, or on elements of my book that need more developing.

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I also do yoga on a regular basis. Exercise is important (both physically and mentally) to counterbalance all those hours at the computer. Discomfort can be distracting, which I found out the hard way: sitting in a wooden chair to type did a number on my back. Now I have an ergonomic chair.

The bottom line with distractions is this: I sit at my desk and type. I keep putting words on the page, even if they’re rubbish. Discipline is the key and writing is hard work. It’s not always exciting or fun, and although other people can help you a lot, you’re essentially on your own.

How is eBook technology changing things for you as an author?

Speaking as a children’s author, I’d say eBook technology hasn’t really changed things much for me so far. I write books for young readers, and whether they read the hardcover book, the paperback, or the eBook makes no difference: the main thing is that they’re reading!

I think eBooks definitely have a place, especially among tweens and teens growing up in this new digital world with Kindles and Nooks. But I don’t think books will become obsolete any time soon. I believe children’s books especially will always be popular in book versions.

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It’s interesting to see what some authors are doing with eBooks: Cory Doctorow, for instance, gives away eBook versions of his books, encouraging his eBook readers to buy a print copy and give it to a school, a library or friend. And J.K. Rowling is now making the Harry Potter series available as an eBook on her interactive website Pottermore, saying she wants to “bring the stories to a new digital generation.”

What else can an author do besides promoting their books on Twitter and Facebook?

In 1992, when my first book The Dreamkeepers (Simon & Schuster) came out, publishing was a totally different world: promoting books was done mainly by publicists. By contrast, today there are countless opportunities to promote your book online, so be selective and choose what works for you. And work with your publicist! Publishing companies have limited PR budgets, and publicists welcome talent, enthusiasm and book promotion suggestions.

An absolute must is creating a website to feature your book, book trailer and information about yourself. I set my site up through the Authors Guild using their Site Builder. Be sure, too, to seek out a niche for your book: what makes it unique? With The Owl Keeper I contacted local wildlife centers and combined a reading with a winter “owl walk.” I also adopted a rescue owl.

Blogs are a great way to get noticed. I use WordPress; another popular one is Blogger. Blogs, however, require time and commitment—lots of it. Alternatively, contribute to a group blog. There are lots out there, ones like Smack Dab in the Middle (, for middle grade authors, and fantasy writers’ The Enchanted Inkpot (

Book trailers are a great way to showcase your book. They’re fun and you don’t have to pay a fortune to get one made. Look around for untapped talent. I hired a music student from Boston to make a trailer for The Owl Keeper and, as a bonus, he composed the music for it! Another option is making your video: take an Apple workshop, for instance, and learn how to use iMovie.

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Connect with bloggers/reviewers who are enthusiastic about promoting authors. Be a guest blogger on Cynthia Leitich Smith’s fabulous site Cynsations (, or connect with a promotion site like Authors Now! ( where they’ll feature your book on their site. Blog tours are getting big: The {Teen} Book Scene ( will help you set one up. Join Goodreads and give away copies of your book. Set up an author page at Amazon Author Central.

If you write for children, join the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators ( SCBWI is a fantastic resource, including information about promoting your book. I’ve attended many excellent workshops on book marketing/publicity at SCBWI conferences. Connect with other authors through SCBWI, JacketFlap, and/or Scribblerati.

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You can learn about book promotion from bloggers—check out author Nathan Bransford’s blog (, Shelli Johannes-Wells’ Market my Words (, Jeff Rivera’s The Gatekeepers Post ( Of all the books out there, my favorite is Jeff Vandermeer’s “Booklife: Strategies and Survival tips for the 21st-Century Writer.”

Traditional, offline ways to promote your book: teaching creative writing workshops, appearing at local schools and libraries, speaking at conferences, showing up at book festivals. These are all ways to connect. And don’t forget to give out business cards, bookmarks and postcards (I design mine at – kids love ‘em!

Commercial Interior Design Considerations

Are you considering doing some office overhaul? Or are you planning to come up with some new commercial interior design? It is always a good idea to occasionally revamp or change the interior design of your office. Sometimes, a particular design might become too dull or inapplicable and some changes from time to time dramatically helps. However, there are some factors that you should consider when redesigning your office and in this article, we give you some of these things. Read on and work on your commercial interior design like a boss!

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Technology in Developing your Staff

When it comes to any business it is important to try and firstly hire the right people and then retain them. This is a big focus for any UK business as according to a recent report by ADP, we Brits are the least likely to stick in our careers, with almost 50% of us looking to change our career in the next three years. Under 20% of us want to stick with the same company for the rest of our career. This means that companies now need to look for interesting ways to develop their staff in order to retain them.