Technology in Business – The Future is Bright

Technology in Business – The Future is Bright

Technology in Business – The Future is Bright

Quite honestly, it is astounding the technology we now have available to us. It has helped to streamline our every day lives, not just in business but our lives outside of work. People now find themselves completely lost without technology, quite literally! There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t need Siri to find something for us, or our alarms to wake us up. Given how advanced technology already is it can often be frightening to think what more they could do, how far they could take it. In the 90s it was considered futuristic and¬†cutting edge to incorporate computers with¬†booking systems and Microsoft packages into your business. Back then that was how businesses increased their productivity, now this is considered to be old fashioned given the leaps and bounds technology has taken in the last 20 years. In 2017 it is expected that there will be several trends making waves in technology, these are trends that some businesses could greatly benefit from if adapted into their service.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

In the past year there have been some steps forward when it comes to both augmented and virtual reality, these are set to become widespread this year. Major game creators and distributors including Pokemon Go reaped huge benefits of this otherworldly reality last year and when it really takes off we will see a steep increase in competition. Businesses could benefit from using virtual reality in their marketing campaigns as things are moving towards 3D and interaction

Machine Learning

This is a big one for any e-commerce business or those who use online as their main platform. This has been growing and improving at a serious rate with many websites utilising the technology to recommend similar products to consumers and looking for ways to make the user experience more simple and streamlined. It will very soon be the case that people expect this kind of behaviour from all technology they use, not just in e-commerce.

On Demand… Everything

It is no secret that people now demand things in real time. It started with the younger generation as they were brought up with this technology but it has now spread into the older generations. It has been pioneered by companies such as Uber and food delivery directories but this is slowly going to spread into far reaching territories. We have already seen the introduction of this into accommodation and flights… What will be next?

Smart Home Technology

This is perhaps the most interesting (and frightening) advancement of all. To some the idea of smart home technology could almost make you feel as though your appliances could turn against you they’re that smart. This will be a big one for the appliances to cash in on. Expect some mergers between the giants such as Google, Apple and Amazon with your home appliance brands as they now have the capabilities but don’t yet have the technology to tie them all together into one streamlined system, which is what you really need… right?